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The research group COSTA devises formal techniques and models for optimizing, verifying and understanding programs, and develops related implementation technology.

Recent work has been focused on the development of automatic tools for proving program termination and inferring the resource consumption of executing programs (see the COSTA tool and the HATS project), as well as advanced properties about concurrent programs (see the MayPar and DECO tools). The group is also developing an automated test case generation tool (see the PET tool).


Elvira Albert
Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Programación
Facultad de Informática,
C/ Profesor José García Santesmases, s/n
Complutense University of Madrid
E-28040 - Madrid (Spain)

+34 91 3947641 / +34 91 3947529
elvira (at) sip.ucm.es

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