Installing the Common COSTA Team Configuration

In order to install the common configuration, you need to perform the following steps:

Custom Files

Step 1: Check out the custom files repository
svn co ~/Custom-files/Config
Step 2: Proceed with the instructions in ~/Custom-files/Config/README

Ubuntu Configuration

Execute the file ~/Custom-files/Config/bin/ubuntu-packages

Shell Configuration

There are two possibilities for this, either to install bash or tcsh

Installing Bash (The GNU Bourne Again Shell)

It comes by default in Ubuntu, most of GNU/Linux distros and Mac OS (post 10.4)

Step 1: Open the file ~/.bashrc emacs ~/.bashrc
The file ~/.bashrc must begin with this lines:

# Custom variables and other config
. ~/Custom-files/Config/bashrc-common
# End of custom config

Installing tcsh (The Tenex C Shell (tcsh)

Though this shell doesn't come by default in Ubuntu, you should have installed it already when executing the ubuntu-packages script.

Step 1: Open the file ~/.cshrc emacs ~/.cshrc
The file ~/.cshrc must begin with this line:
source ${HOME}/Custom-files/Config/cshrc-common

Step 2: Set tcsh as your shell:
sudo chsh -s /bin/tcsh

Step 3: Restart your session in order to make tcsh your running shell.

Note that you may add personal things in your .cshrc file such as:
setenv PRINTER jerico

Note that the installation of Costa will add certain lines, such as:

## start:costa
if ( $?PATH ) then

setenv PATH ${PATH}:~/Systems/costa/bin:~/Systems/costa/src/interfaces/shell
setenv PATH ~/Systems/costa/bin:~/Systems/costa/src/interfaces/shell endif
## end:costa

And similar lines will be added to .bashrc

SVN Configuration

Step 1: rm ~/.subversion/config
Step 2: ln -s ~/Custom-files/Config/svn/config ~/.subversion/config

EMACS Configuration

The file ~/.emacs must start with the line
(load-file "~/Custom-files/Config/emacs-common.el")

SWI-PROLOG Configuration

In the version 5.10.1 of Swi-Prolog, executing Costa randomly aborts after throwing a segmentation fault. Since this is the version of Swi-Prolog available in the repositories for Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04, you should better remove (and avoid installing) the 5.10.1 version of the following packages:

  • swi-prolog
  • swi-prolog-x
  • swi-prolog-nox
  • swi-prolog-java

And install a different version, either 5.6 or 5.10.2. You can obtain the debian packages from You also need the libgmp10 package from

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